Vehicle Offenses

Strategies to win in court against vehicle offenses and traffic violations.

Review the facts.

On the surface, a ticket for driving with an expired license, no license or no proof of insurance seems unbeatable. After all, if the driver didn't have proof of insurance, how can he or she win in court?

Fighting charges of traffic and vehicle offenses begins with a thorough review of all the facts surrounding the police stop. The police and highway patrol can only pull a driver over if they believe a crime is being committed. They cannot justify a stop if they uncover a license or insurance violation after the fact.

Exclusion of illegally seized evidence.

The U.S. Supreme Court tells us that the remedy for illegally seized evidence is exclusion - the evidence cannot be used against the person in a criminal trial. Additionally, all evidence, of any offense, is excluded, if found after an illegal search or seizure.

The Fourth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the all citizens against illegal searches and seizures. It protects drivers even if they were in fact driving without a license or insurance.

Fight charges of traffic violations and vehicle offense.

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Fight charges of traffic violations and vehicle offense.
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