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Proposition 64 Relief

Proposition 64 became law November 9, 2016. Personal use of marijuana is legal for adults in California. This is retroactive to old convictions.

Many people with old marijuana misdemeanors and felonies can now clean up their records by:

  • Getting Marijuana Convictions Resentenced: Prop 64 reduces many felonies to misdemeanors.  
  • Getting Marijuana Convictions Removed: Removing Felonies and Misdemeanors from a criminal record can have positive, life-changing effects.
  • Restore your voting rights, gun rights, licensing rights and improve your career prospects.

You may think you are ineligible, but a review of your case or cases by an experienced attorney may prove otherwise. Even if a conviction was for more than an ounce of marijuana or more than six marijuana plants, there may be relief available. The prosecutor will need to prove those amounts and the records may be lost or incomplete. 

Prop 64 creates these changes to the law:

Felony H&S 11358 Cultivation is now LEGAL for six plants or less! More than six plants is a Misdemeanor. 

Felony H&S 11359 Possession with Intent to Sell is now a Misdemeanor for adults, or an Infraction for minors.

Felony H&S 11360 Sales, Importation, or Transportation is now a Misdemeanor for adults, or an Infraction for minors.

H&S 11357(a) Possession of Concentrated Cannabis is now legal for up to 8 Grams for adults 21 years old. Less than 4 grams is an infraction for 18 to 20 year-olds.   

Misdemeanor H&S 11357(e) Minors in Possession at School is now an Infraction. 

Are any of these on your record? Are they keeping you from the jobs you want? Contact The Law Office of Rodger Pasieczny for a free and confidential meeting. I will help you clean up your record. Flat fees and financing available.