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The Criminal Justice system is no place to go it alone.

The criminal justice system is no place to go it alone. The police, the sheriff's department, the city attorney and district attorney's office stand against a citizen accused of a crime. Against the power of the state a person needs aggressive and capable representation.

If you find yourself accused of a crime in San Diego county, contact Rodger Pasieczny for a free legal consultation. His tenacity and experience will help protect you when you need help the most.

Even if you have a public defender, consider contacting Mr. Pasieczny for a free consultation. As a private attorney he can devote more time to your case and is easily reached by phone or in person. Being accused of a crime is frightening and an attorney who will always take your calls is a great  reassurance.

Mr. Pasieczny is ready to listen to you.

The facts of every case are unique and every case needs thorough investigation. Mr. Pasieczny is ready to listen to you, find witnesses and investigate the facts. He will identify the legal issues and guide you through the court system. Let him stand up for your right to be treated fairly.

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