Defending DUI

There Are No Simple DUI's

Defending a charge of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a complicated task. DUI defense calls on knowledge of biology, chemistry, police procedure, labratory practices and DMV regulations. The defense attorney must understand the handling scientific evidence. He or she must obtain and analyze calibration records for all testing equipment used. The attorney must understand the training of police and labratory technicians. Arresting officers need be cross-examined to show any variation from their DUI training. Blood collected from the driver must be split and re-tested in an independant lab. Breathylizer results must be collected by strict procedure or can be invalid. FInally, witnesses need be identified  and interviewed and police reports read "between the lines."

Recent reporting and District Attorney disclosures uncovered some of the problems with lab procedures in San Diego county. Bio-Tox laboratories employed a technician who admitted to falsifying lab results. Pacific Toxicologies reported drug false positives in blood tests.

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The Consequences are Severe even for a First Time DUI

In San Diego County a first time DUI plea or conviction results in almost $2000 in fines. The driver will be on probation for five years. The diver's license will be suspended for four months. The court will require the driver to attend a three month or nine month, DUI first conviction program through the DMV at the cost of $840 (for three months) and a MADD Victim Impact Panel for $20. There is the possibility of at least a week of highway cleanup at a cost of $51 - and days of missed employment. The driver's car may be equipped with an interlock ignition device at the drivers expense.

A driver convicted of a second time DUI will spend four days in jail. He or she will face higher fines, a nine month DMV course, two year license suspension and vehicle impound all at owners expense.

Drivers under the age of 21 years-old face a one year license suspension for driving with a 0.01% BAC.

This analysis does not include the external consequences of a DUI. Auto insurance premiums go up substantially. The driver must rely on family, friends or public transportation while their license is suspended. A misdemeanor appears on the driver's record and must be disclosed when seeking employment.

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Dealing with the The DMV

The power and reach of the DMV cannot be understated. Superior Court judges joke that the DMV is the fourth branch of government. It acts independantly of the criminal case in the court. Even if the court drops the criminal DUI charges, the DMV will suspend the driver's license! 

After being stopped for DUI, the driver has 10 days to request an Administrative Per Se hearing or the driver's license will be suspended at the end of one month.

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DUI? Don't Go It Alone!

The facts of every case are unique and every case needs thorough investigation. Mr. Pasieczny is ready to listen to you, find witnesses and investigate the facts. He will identify the legal issues and guide you through the court system. Let him stand up for your right to be treated fairly.

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